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A growing business started all through campaigns

Launching campaigns is vital for company growth, but lacking the expertise and tools is a common hurdle. Our expert team is here to help!


Why advertising can be a good influence for your business

It is difficult for a company to grow without making itself known to the world. With the right knowledge and tools, it is possible to get very good results from the campaigns. Our experts in this field are therefore always ready to help you get started. That is why we have drawn up an all-in advertisement package in which we have drawn up 3 different categories that can help your company to achieve growth that you have never seen before!

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By filling in the form, we know exactly what your goals are and what category your company is in



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We look at the information you have entered in the form and will use our tools and knowledge on that basis to make the advertisement campaign work properly



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Our advertisement pricing

Email Marketing


  • Design and deployment of targeted and engaging email campaigns
  • Crafting compelling email content

10% commision

One-time service fee

Advertising Campaigns


  • Set up and manage advertising campaigns
  • Purposeful targeting
  • Creation of attractive videos/photos for the advertisements

10% commision

One-time service fee

Conversion Rate Optimization


  • Extensive research through your website
  • A list of points for improvement for you website traffic

10% commision

One-time service fee

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With our extensive experience, we possess the knowledge and expertise to create impactful advertising campaigns that hit the mark. Whether you're a large corporation or a small startup, we have the tools and skills to make your ads shine across a variety of platforms.

By filling out the form, we gain insight into the topics you want your advertisements to cover and the specific target audience you're aiming for. Based on this information, we formulate a comprehensive strategy that we'll put into action once we kick off the campaign.

The form is divided into 3 categories with different questions. You have the flexibility to decide whether you'd like us to manage all categories or if you prefer to handle certain aspects yourself. We'll need all the filled-in details to craft a comprehensive plan that we'll subsequently implement.

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Advertising campaigns

An advertising campaign is a series of marketing activities and materials designed to achieve a specific goal, usually aimed at promoting a product, service, brand or message to a specific audience.

We promote the product, service or brand of a specific customer via Facebook campaigns, linkedin campaigns, instagram campaign, etc. Based on the information that the customer tells us via the advertisement campaign form, we make a strategy. While creating the strategy, we investigate what best suits the brand or product, which target group the advertisement should have and where the best results can be achieved.

Advertisement campains

After we have made a well-fitting strategy, we start devising and creating a well-fitting advertising content. We create the image/video that people see on the campaign. This can be 1 or more, we determine this based on the strategy.

Once we have done all our preparations we will start the campaign. The campaign will last at least one month. In this month we try to get the most and best result possible. After the first campaign month is over, we prepare a comprehensive report on the results and send this report to the customer via email.

Email marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing involves using email as a marketing tool to send messages, offers, information or other content to a specific group of people. This group of people can include existing customers, potential customers, subscribers, or interested individuals who have signed up to receive communications from your company.

Our experts, who are deeply immersed in email marketing, ensure that an amount of emails are sent every month that the customer can indicate in the form. Our experts in this field take care of the content and design for every email sent to subscribers.

With every email that is sent, extensive research is first done into the niche and information about each email subject. After the content has been created, an appropriate email design is created. This is done to make the email more attractive so that subscribers don’t drop out after the first paragraph. This is also taken into account in the content.

After every month we make an extensive report on the results of the email marketing. We indicate why we chose certain topics, Click-Through Rate (CTR) that means how many people clicked on a link in the email, best performing designs, and more.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion Optimization (CRO) is a strategic approach to increase the percentage of website visitors who take desired actions, such as purchases. This includes an in-depth analysis of the website and visitor behavior to identify bottlenecks. By collecting data, such as user flows and heatmaps, patterns and trends in visitor behavior can be deciphered. This insight helps to understand why some visitors don’t convert and lays the foundation for further optimization.

Preparing a comprehensive report with recommendations is part of a successful CRO strategy. This report not only provides an overview of the identified bottlenecks, but also suggests opportunities for improvement. This can range from tweaking texts for a clearer value proposition to redesigning the page layout to provide a more intuitive user experience. Our experts in this field will send this report to you via email.

Conversion rate

Once we have done all our preparations we will start the campaign. The campaign will last at least one month. In this month we try to get the most and best result possible. After the first campaign month is over, we prepare a comprehensive report on the results and send this report to the customer via email.


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